Welcome to the all things connected podcast! This is the podcast that talks about human connections. There are so many ways people connect. Whether it is through a shared interest, experience, or maybe school or family connect you together. This podcast is all about the shared human experience and the fact that we all have an individual story that adds to that experience. Through learning about each other we will build community and celebrate each others basic human need-to connect to another human!

27. Helping Women with Nutrition, Mindset, and Life Skills with Casey Weiss

28.  Inspiration for Business Owners and Side Hustlers with Duane McHodgkins

29. Essential Oils 101 and How to Make the 2nd Half of Your Life Amazing with Beccy Freeman

24. One Man's Journey to Empower 1 Million People: Amos Bracewell

25. Building Relationships through Mentoring and Storytelling with Ian Westmoreland

26. Creating the Best Version of you by Finding your Inner Compass and Uncovering you Unique Alignment with Megan Gibson

15. Feeling Grateful

16. Dealing Hope with Atousa Raissyan

17. Using Life Lessons to Empower Ourselves and our Children with Diane Garzon

12. We can do Hard Things, Especially when we have a Supportive Community

13. Normalizing Emotions

14. Comparison and People Pleasing